Goodbye and Thank You, Wolf Pack

Here it is.  Close to the end of my time in Korea.  It’s my last night in Gunsan.  My last night with the Wolf Pack, the 8th Fighter Wing.  For those unfamiliar with the Air Force and the legacy of the Wolf Pack, click here.  This place is truly unique within the Air Force, a place with morale and a camaraderie I’ve never seen.  It’s unlikely I will see it again.

So, now it’s time for the obligatory sentimentalities.

First, I want to thank everyone who has been part of the Wolf Pack since 2010 for making my time here so memorable and fun.  Thank you for all the experiences, and for allowing me to serve you while you were here.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about my career field, and giving me insight into our younger Air Force demographic.  The information I have learned from you is invaluable to me as a marketer.

Next, thank you to my wonderful staff in the Marketing department.  You already had the tools to be great marketers, and you were already using them.  I hope that I was able to teach you new things and to use those tools in new ways.  Keep using those tools and concentrating on your talents, and learning new talents.  You have taught me so much as a supervisor and Marketing Director, and I hope I was able to teach you half as much as you taught me.  I have no doubt you will continue to do well, and that you will continue to do great things.  Thank you for the teamwork and the friendship for the last three years.

For all the close friends I’ve made here: thank you so much for welcoming me into your life and for letting me get to know you.  I have never met such a diverse group of people who are so willing to go out on a limb and make new friends.  One of the effects, I think, of being Wolf Pack.  Many of you have such limited time here, and to make the time go faster and easier, you have to make friends fast.  And many of these friendships will last a lifetime.  This is the bond that forms with Wolf Pack.  Thank you all for simply being my friend and accepting me as I am.  You are by far the most open minded and accepting people I have come across in my life.  And a lot of you have become a surrogate family.  Much love to you all.

Tomorrow, I will drive away from the Wolf Pack for the final time, and I will be thinking of all of you and the memories created here in this remote location, where everyone works and plays together.  Where some of the best memories of my life were formed.  I have no doubt I will be fighting back tears as I see the 8th Fighter Wing grow smaller in the rear view mirror.  Please know I will miss you all dearly, and that you have made a huge impact on me personally and professionally.  And you all have my most sincere and heartfelt respect.  No one does it better than you.

So, until we meet again some other place and time: Defend the Base, Accept Follow on Forces, Take the Fight North.

Take care of each other, Wolf Pack.