Butterfly No More

A little background on this poem:

Over the years I have had several nicknames.  Sunflower. Butterfly. SaraKitty.  All of these names have stuck depending on the circle of friends.

Several years ago (2007 to be specific) I was caught in a torrential downpour.  EVERYTHING seemed to be falling apart for me and I found myself caught in a very nasty spiral of misery.  I was able to crawl my way out, although it was no easy feat.  There was a lot of pain for a few years.  Incidentally, this is when my creativity flows and I do the majority of my writing.  I find it difficult to express my joy in words, but very easy to express my sorrow, anger, etc. in words.  I guess it comes down to me wanting to hold the joy in my heart and purge the hurt, sorrow, anger, rage, etc. to get it out of my system.  Unfortunately, this leaves me with writings of unhappy times, thus giving me more reminders of the negative instead of the positive.  I’m hoping to remedy that.

Anyhow….this is one of my writings, where the very definition of my nickname, Butterfly, was being called into question.  I hope you like it.

Once a beautiful creature
With shining crystal wings
Floating gently on the breeze
That was your heart
Gentle strokes of air
caressed and loved her
Fresh air that electrified
Her shining crystal wings

Time moved on too quickly
A stranger came from the shadows
Turning the gentle breeze
That was your heart
Into violent stormy seas
Shining crystal wings madly fluttering
Looking for the gentle breeze
Finding only the stranger in the shadows

Waiting for the butterfly
To finally float away
Picking at the tarnished crystal
Of once shining shimmering wings
Piece by piece the crystal falls
Replaced by dreary grey
No crystal remains on her wings
Yet she will not fly away

Underneath her stone-set form
The butterfly starts to weep
Memories of what she was
Which you no longer wish to keep
Crystal wings long since destroyed
And violent rains begin to pour
Sorrow wraps around her heart
She is a butterfly no more 

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