About NY Political Mom

Hi, everyone.  Welcome to my little corner in the blogosphere.

A little about myself: I am a very strong, intelligent woman and I speak my mind.  I enjoy stimulating conversation and healthy debate.  I am a former marketer who now works in state government. I am a pagan and practicing witch.  I am a political activist.   I am a writer. I am an academic student.  I love knowledge. I am an analyzer.  I am a goofball.  I am a walking contradiction.  I am a mother.  I love Pinkie Pie (that is my toddler’s fault).

I’m kind of new to regular blogging.  Just be patient with me as I muddle through the learning and try to get to the core of the juicy stuff I want to share.  Current events in our country, and my past of working for those who serve our country, make me very anxious. So much that most of the time I can’t verbalize what I am thinking or feeling.

Most of it will be about motherhood and politics.  And sometimes how both of them mesh for me.

-NY Political Mom

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